is a versatile pattern creator featuring 22 unique approaches

What is Pattaizer?

Pattaizer creates patterns. It features 22 different pattern approaches which can be tuned and varied by the user. It includes brick and Ministeck® patterns can be made (mosaics) and lissajous patterns can be created with Harmonograph and Pantograph geometries. Each pattern has several control parameters to create that unique effect that you are looking for. You could try to learn how to use Photoshop (days?), but Pattaizer does it for you. In seconds.

Some examples that you can make with Pattaizer within just seconds

Pattaizer is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately create a pattern. In the first period of use the application is unrestricted and fully functional. When these grace days have expired a few professional features will be limited or locked.

Amazing patterns

Pattaizer is a software painting tool. It does not replace the skill of many people to draw, paintbrush, sketch and paint. It is a tool for people who like to do it different, and create their own colourful painting. When your personal piece of art has amazed your family and friends when they ask 'is it real?' then you are satisfied. That's all it takes: amaze and be inspired by the possibilities of this simple application.

Automated and manual

Pattaizer offers both fully automated pattern creation and manual creation. Try automation first, and then switch to manual pattern creation, like to spirograph or free drawing. You don't need to be educated in art. You need a good tool that does it for you. Is it real? We believe it does: you made your own piece of art with love and intensity. That's all it takes to be a proud owner of a true painting.

Pattern Art

When the right combination of source picture colours, pattern type, settings and a bit of luck your piece of art would match those in museums. Why not. You can either spend hours of creativity with a brush and paint, or use the perfect tool to amaze people. A lot of professional artists would turn away from such a fake approach. But you know better. It looks great and you made it yourself.

Mechanical art

There are two tools available to simulate mechanical pattern generators: the harmonograph and the pantograph. Both are cabable to create stunning effects. You can make your own harmonograph from wood and steel (great fun) but you can also use Pattaizer to test the possibilities. And then build one yourself after all. The pantograph is also based on a mechanical contraption, translated into mathematical formulae. Seems dull, but it amazes every time you create a new pattern.

V4.0 is available

Pattaizer has very strong points... but also some flaws. User feedback helped us to decide to give this application a full facelift: Pattaizer 4.0. What has changed? To begin with: optimized for Windows 10 incl. HighDPI screens, with several visual styles to select from. Next, we have released two versions, one for 32bit systems, the other for 64bit systems. It's highly recommended to download the version that matches your Windows system (32 or 64 bit) for better performance. Also, full-fledge video creation and pattern animation up to full-HD is offered, in .MP4 file format. Also video of the 'harmonics' is now possible, allowing you to create beautifully moving 3D structures. And the 22nd and 23rd patterns have been added: M.C. Escher lines and pen strokes. And of course many stability and speed improvements.

Download your 32Bit copy Download your 64Bit copy

The software is free to use, is fully functional during the grace period, after which some restrictions will apply. Please be aware that none of our apps support Win XP any more, only Win 2000 and later. It's freeware, while some features are only available for paying users when the grace period has expired. You can not purchase an unlock fline for this application. You get it for free when you purchase any other application from us. It's our gift to creative users.

Not downloading?
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Some examples of pattern art

Example 1: Fully free-formatted drawing using the kaleidoscope pattern. Even a monkey could have drawn this pattern when using a Wacom pen and tablet. The colours you see are taken from a blue-red picture. Not important. What is important is that this kind of free-formatted drawing is absolutely unique each time you draw it.

Example 2: Similar to example 1, we have used the kaleidoscope pattern. But we added a slightly transparent texture on top of the pattern, apparently some kind of burlap. As if we used the burlap cloth upon which we painted our little piece of art.

Example 3: Two great examples of using the pantograph pattern creator. It's basically a mathematical formula, so feel free to replicate it. We added our flavour to it by using a smart colour approach. The results (left and right are two different settings) are truly stunning.

Example 4: Two great examples using the harmonograph pattern generator. Like the pantograph, this is just a set of mathematical formulae. But using colours is what this example makes it so unique. The size of each of this picture is large enough to print at 300 dpi on A3 paper. And no, it's not a new star-system detected by the Hubble space telescope.

Example 5: Ziyi Zhang, repainted in free format. It's a bit tricky to ruin a picture of a beautiful woman... but hey we create art. We are in good company of the likes of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Unfortunately they are famous, while we are not.

All these examples were made with the default installation. We only selected different patterns and created the pattern both automated and manually. All the artwork shown above is available in the installation, no additional download is needed.