is our strength to create customised solutions

What is Services?

In addition to offering ready-made applications, we also offer our software development services. With proof from many satisfied customers our pragmatic and flexible approach is recognized and appreciated: 'Sybren from the Netherlands was super helpful, respectful and professional. We could not have done it without his help. He followed through on his promise and was very reliable.' (The Forest of Faces project).
APP Helmond has a long lasting history, that goes even back to the eighties, where a large off-shore company hired our services to develop an application that was capable to interpolate between measured results of water flow by off-shore pumps. In those days we were still using Basic and Fortran 77.
Nowadays we use state of the art RAD (Rapid Application Development) software to provide solutions for our client's creative challenges.

Some examples of projects that we did with clients

Left: Fun with a bobble noggin. This is an application specially developed for a North American event organizing company. It is one of the many that we developed for this client.
Middle: Your personal photo mosaic. We provided a special version with improved quality tuning for a web-shop client. The Mosaizer Pro engines now powers their shop.
Right: Eric Tabarly in 11x12 meter. This super size mosaic is found in Lorient, France. A French photographer asked us to support creating this huge black and white poster. In this project we also developed the dedicated black and white 'colour' matching engine.

Tailored solutions

You have been searching all over the internet, and found a couple of solutions. But it's not exactly what your creative eye had in mind. Something is missing, or it's not offering that special feature you were looking for. Entertainment and advertising industries are very demanding and 99% solutions are hardly accepted. You need a 100% solution. We have provided these 100% solutions to professionals in the entertainment business.

Project support

Some of your projects require additional expertise. You don't have this know-how, don't want to spend time in developing it, nor want to first learn how to work with software tools. You want these to work for you. Requested today, delivered tomorrow. We have been helping professionals all over the world. No travelling required. We work from our desk, with an intensive e-mail exchange to understand the assignment. And then do it. On the spot.

Really, really big prints

Making an A3 photo or text mosaic for friends and family is one thing. But a 11x12 meter grayscale mosaic is quite another thing. How to make sure all the individual prints match? How to make sure the real overall impression is exactly what you had on your screen? We have examples of co-development in huge projects. Indeed, this 11x12 meter photo mosaic is co-developed.

Your unique application

Your business requires a competitive edge that no-one else has. You are looking for that one feature that makes you stand out in the arena, beating and surprising competitors. And keep developing because competitors usually copy good ideas quickly. We have developed generations of applications, rather than a stand-alone and then leave it untouched. We will keep improving and adding features. Outpacing competition.

How we work

  • 24 Hour response. We work in the CET-zone, so our response pattern depends on our customer's location.
  • Highly pragmatic. Basic functionality proven, then next function. Agile way of working.
  • Windows-only application. And our applications also always work on OS-X with Windows.
  • GUI applications and server (CLI) applications, e.g. integrated in web pages, managed by scripts.
  • Exclusivity can be agreed upon, for a mutually agreed period of time.
  • A principle demonstrator at no cost to show that it works. Then we will start doing business.

Contact information

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Some examples of our work

Project 'Flip Movies' to develop a proprietary application for PopNoggins LLC

Project 'Mosaizer Pro CLI' to power the Postrgram webshop with the Mosaizer engine

Project 'Eric Tabarly mosaic' to celebrate the Volco Ocean Race event in Lorient, France

Project 'Forest of Faces' of the Langley Fine Art School, BC, Canada, meant to raise awareness of the physical and environmental benefits of nature.

The following example is a movie of swimming fish. Not really swimming, but moving. The assignment was given by Rob Metsers (, a professional photographer, specialized in commercial movie creation with a passion for mosaic patterns. We teamed up to create this movie, where Rob's client wanted to draw attention to fresh fish in their supermarkets ('Verse vis' in Dutch). Sybren made the individual fish frames, one animation for each character, while Rob created the full movie. This is only a teaser. The full movie can be shown here.

These are some projects that we cooperated in, or created cutting-edge applications. It's just a small overview, not every client likes to be explicit where their great solution originated from. They rather not wake the neighbours unnecessarily.
Information is provided in the explanation below each picture. Or click here to see a giant mosaic, which is said to be worth more than 10,000 Euro. After some code changes we made this in just 20 mins, ready for a 2.5x1.5 meter print. And please be aware when clicking the link: this example picture is over 22 MB in size.

How would we start a project?

First of all you need to contact us. The e-mail address is found at the center of this page. We will respond within 24 hours for sure. We will ask for information to assess if the request is realistic and doable. We will also tell you what issues we may have to solve, and suggest alternative solutions if we may not be the right partner to help you.

When the customer and us have outlined the challenge in sufficient detail, we will propose a solution and in some cases a starting budget. In most cases we will start to make a principle demonstrator. Such a demonstrator usually takes a few hours to develop or a couple of days at most. In some cases, if the time to make a demonstrator exceeds these few hours, we ask a small 'good will' fee for developing the demonstrator. When the demonstrator is accepted, we can then decide to continue to full development. From there it is totally dependent on the size and scope of the work how we will continue.

Alternatively, when we see great value in the suggested new application, we can propose to not ask a fee for developing it, but only ask for a guarantee to buy the new application when it's finished. And we'll add the new application to our range. In thoses cases the customer can largely influence the content, but also provides end-user feedback on how to use it, back to us. An excellent win-win situation.

Most customers first ask for helping them out (and how to use our applications), and then ask us for support and develop a solution for their problem. But... 'If you don't ask, you never get an answer' - Anonymous.

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