of our applications and some more stuff

Where can I find the downloads?

All our application downloads are found on their respective web pages. On this page you will find a couple of additional downloads. Such as extra picture libraries, help documents, tutorials and some stuff that may be helpful for some applications.
To download the application installers you need to go the our home page, and then click on any of the pictures. That will bring you to the page of the application you selected, and you will find the download link at the bottom of that page.

Extra downloads for Mosaizer XV

Included in the installer of Mosaizer XV is a quite good colour pictures library. But we have included only one library. Here you can load a couple of other picture libraries. Most of these were compiled from pictures in the public domain. We have compiled these addional libraries with our best intentions, assuming fair use of a picture. If we have infringed a copyright from anyone, please contact us, and will discard your proprietary picture from the library.

Below you find a couple of picture libraries. Not all libraries are of impeccable quality but it's a good start for your first photo mosaic.

Download library 'Rainbow' with 991 pictures (.zip)

Download library 'Snow' with 1180 pictures (.zip)

Download library 'Single Covers' with 977 pictures (.zip)

Download library Earth' with 999 pictures (.zip)

Download library 'Christmas' with 991 pictures (.zip)

Download library 'Decorative Art' with 978 pictures (.zip)

Here is the help file for Mosaizer XV. This help file is usually up to date but may not always be the most recent. The most recent is always the on-line help, which is found via the menu bar of the application: 'Tools' 'Help'. In some rare occasions the Windows 7 and 8 system won't show the contents of this file. To correct this unblock the content of the file by rightclicking on the file, then select the 'General' tab and check 'Unblock'. That should work.

Download the stand-alone 'Mosaizer XV Help' file (.pdf)

The final extra download is an extra collection of shape masks which are used in Mosaizer XV. With these masks you can create a special shape that the mosaic should be taking. Read the help documentation for details on how to apply these masks. The zipped file contains a self-executable installer of these masks (with the same default location as the application installer!).

Download the extra collection of 139 black and white shape masks for Mosaizer XV (.exe)

Downloads for Picture Frame Wizard

Picture Frame Wizard has quite some built-in picture artwork. These extra frames are fun frames to spice up your pictures before copying them in your hardware picture frame. The zipped file contains an installer that will help you put the frames in the correct location.

Download 77 fancy picture frames (.zip)

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