makes optimum use of the memory of your photo frame

What is PictureFrame Wizard?

PictureFrame Wizard makes pictures smaller for digital picture frames. This way the use of the memory of your picture frame is optimised. You can increase the amount of pictures with a factor 10 to 50 easily. Picture frames usually have limited memory, and after a few holidays the RAM gets full, and you have to purchase new memory. Not so when using PictureFrame Wizard. It will resize each picture to exactly match the photo frame, and adds an optional text to each picture, like date and place. This way you can put over 15,000 pictures in your photo frame. That's probably more then 5 holidays in the mountains. Here you find a review of from Softpedia.

Some screenshots from the interface to show the great features it has to offer

PictureFrame Wizard is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately start. The application is unrestricted and fully functional. And it will stay that way. Forever.

Size matters

Most picture frames have bitmap sizes of 800 x 600 pixels, which is a jpg picture of appr. 100-120 kb. Digital cameras easily create 4-6 MB jpg pictures. About 30-60 times the size you actually need for your picture frame. So, instead of 250 pictures you should have more than 7,500-15,000 pictures fit on a 1Gb memory card. With PictureFrame Wizard you will increase the amount of pictures on the memory card fully automated. And with the same visual quality: the size of the picture is optimized to fit in your picture frame.

Show date and location

Today we still remember each picture on our digital picture frame. But after some time, we forget what it is or when the picture was taken. PictureFrame Wizard allow you to print date and additional text to each picture. In a nice, elegant way. The application automatically extracts the shooting date from each picture. You only have to indicate how you would like your font, style, position and the optional extra text get printed on the picture.

Creative look

With PictureFrame Wizard you can spice up a picture. Apply a fancy photo frame (these come pre-installed), create that old-fashioned sepia look, or cut out an ellipse and create that lovely 20's look. PictureFrame Wizard has 35 effect filters, 20 colour filters and a load of creative effects. PictureFrame Wizard can use your webcam to make new photographs and create great effects.

Show GPS location

With PictureFrame Wizard you can read and save the GPS location of each picture. In some cameras the GPS location is written already in the photograph, so now you can visualize the exact location on a map. In case you want to save the location in your photograph, PictureFrame Wizard is your tool to do it. It works with all photographs.

Download your copy

The application will never overwrite your original pictures! Before saving or applying any effect the application will always prompt for a different save location. It's nevertheless good practice to store the original pictures and copies for PictureFrame Wizard in different folders. The software is free to use, is save to use, is fully functional and has no additional costs. Freeware.

Download PictureFrame Wizard (Security report: 100% clean, by Softpedia).
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  • 2018 24 January
  • Version
  • Changes Speed increase, Explorer simplified, faster and smarter, Google's API disabled
  • Price Freeware

Some screenshots from the help documentation

Left: the photo explorer has a sub-menu to sort and select the picture for editing. Middle: the text editor to add funny text to a picture. Right: a selection of effect frames, to 'beautify' a picture.

Left: the text editor to add date and optional text to each picture. The date is automatically taken from the jpg picture. Middle: basic EXIF and file information in the photo explorer. Right: the graphic effects interface. Several effects can be applied the same time, creating fully unpredictable results.

Left: example of a special effect ('posterize'). Middle: the user-friendly frame drag-and-drop editor. Right: the call-out editor. Not only you can select a call out, also text can be put in each call-out.

Left: spice-up artwork can be added. Drag-and-drop as many as you want. The application uses layers to easily resize, move or delete each part of the artwork. It's a bit like Photoshop. Middle: Use of the webcam to take snapshots, and use these for editing, or simply save as picture for your picture frame. Right: batch tools to rename, split or resize each picture. Splitting is useful to cut a portrait picture into two landscape parts. Why not.

Perhaps an unusual way to show the options and possibilities of the PictureFrame Wizard. But it clearly shows that the help documentation is really helpful, and that the versatility is best explained by showing how it gets done. From feedback of the many users we learned that the learning curve for the application varies from 1 minute to 10 minutes.