is a tool to create awesome mosaics in social events

What is Event Mosaic Creator?

Event Mosaic Creator is a cutting edge application to create social event mosaics, or live event mosaics, or hashtag mosaics, or whatever fancy name you will find on the web. The application reads pictures that people send to a hashtag address, and creates an awesome mosaic from these pictures.
It's blazing fast in image positioning in the mosaics, it can autocorrect the colours in colour tone ('colorization') and blending with the original. The result is a stunningly accurate, almost undetectable colour correction, where each picture seems to be kept intact. Event Mosaic Creator will amaze your customers. It's fast and accurate, and it will create the competitive edge that makes your service stand out.

Some examples of the intuitive interface

Event Mosaic Creator is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately start creating mosaic prints. The application is unrestricted and fully functional. Unlicensed users will only see a DEMO text over the results, but otherwise 100% complete. For everyone.

Talk of the town

We don't have to boast about the fun value of social event mosaics. They are great events, with lots of fun, and for many, many people. But the mosaic should also look good. When unnatural colours are forced, and pictures just seems to be out of place, the fun somehow gets less. So, we have applied our most effective 'weapon': at the heart of Event Mosaic Creator lies the world famous Mosaizer XV mosaic engine. Still unrivalled in speed and accuracy. With the Event Mosaic Creator application you will stand out in the crowd for sure.

Simplicity rulez

Some applications can do a lot, but to get there is a tedious task. Many buttons, sliders and settings clutter the interface, and some functions are still an enigma, despite the help documentation (which turns out not be of any help after all).
We dare to be different. Our application only requires three basic settings to get you started. Everything else is nice to have, but essential if you want to tweak and tune your mosaic output. Of course we also have more than three parameters to set, but also a very instructive video that shows it in a few steps. And our service is still unrivalled: response within 24 hours, solution guaranteed.

From #tag to print

We don't offer hashtag grabbing. We leave that to the experts. The hashtag grabbing application that you are currently using is expensive enough, so why offer yet another hashtag grabber? We offer what we can do the best: read grabbed pictures from a 'watched folder', analyze it for best fit, colour correct it fully automated, and send the picture to the printer. Or wait until a series of 2x3=6 pictures can be sent in one go. Saves a lot of time, money and paper.

Start, pause, resume and recover

One of the biggest fears of event mosaics is the risk of crashing your system. The carefully built-up mosaic is gone from it's memory, and the application basically starts all over again. Not so with Event Mosaic Creator. Accident recovery is our #1 priority. When it happens... basically you can recover as if nothing had happened. How about that? Not even one print is lost, because we care about the fun factor of social mosaic events. Event Mosaic Creator is a no-worry-be-happy application.

The (long) shortlist of possibilities

1. Create High Resolution Social Event Mosaic pictures.
2. Print each mosaic picture individually (e.g. on a template page), or as a full page with multiple pictures.
3. Indicate the Row and Column position of each picture in the print-out, in R-C or Excel format.
4. Powerful recovery from a system halt/crash/reset, with a lossless mosaic rebuild.
5. Automatic printing, assisted printing, printing on multiple printers, and smart queuing.
6. Grabbing pictures, profile pictures and hashtag text from the customers and use it in the output.
7. Live view of the mosaic completeness (e.g. on a second monitor), and just for crowd fun.
8. Skin and face detection, for an automatic cropping of skin and face parts of an image.
9. Chroma keying (greenscreen), where the transparent part is the source image itself.
10. Automatic (external) Billboard layout creation, incl. transparent psd, and png formats.
11. Web-based help and tutorial with an in-depth step-by-step explanation how to start an event.
12. Three different ways to define the placement location sequence.
13. Image inspection ('Waiting room') to assure only appropriate images are used.
14. Timed image placement.

Euh... Muse Mosaic?

We have started a fruitful cooperation with LA Photo Party! LA Photo Party is an experimental photo entertainment company that specializes in photo activations at events and manufactures photo booths and photo booth software.
We encourage you to visit their website and discover the possibilities of Muse Mosaic, the new name for Event Mosaic Creator. LA Photo Party is an excellent partner for support and advice, and present in different timezones so you'll never have to wait.

  • 2019 31 March
  • Version
  • Changes Event Mosaic Creator is now called 'Muse Mosaic'

Perhaps an unusual way to explain the options and possibilities of Event Mosaic Creator (and most of this functionality is also made available in Muse Mosaic). But it clearly shows how simple it is to use the application, and we made this little teaser movie for you. Check it out... and be amazed what this application is capable of.